Gel Nails

"After extensive market research and over 4 years in product development, we are proud to announce that AcryGel ® has now become a highly sort after nail ehancement system in the UK.

Specially formulated to combine the Strength and Durability of an Acrylic, with the Flexibility and Clarity of a Gel.  This unique combination is Eco Friendly (odour free), long lasting and above all easy to apply."

Michelle Porter Beauty Products.

AcryGel ® UV Gel, when combined with the AcryGel strengthening powder creates a tough and strong overlay which is not brittle like some liquid and powder systems that are overly cross-linked, and other Gel systems which can easily peel.

The interaction between the AcryGel ® UV Gel and strengthening powder weaves a strong but loose, flexible web of cross linked polymers over the nail.  This web adds the strength without causing brittleness, resulting in a flexible, comfortable nail with minimal shrinkage.



The Benefits of AcryGel ®

The science of combining the best qualities from two different products to create a new and superior result.

Specially formulated strengthening and sculpting compounds that create the strongest cross linked polymer resins available today

Offering you the ultimate in STRENGTH, CLARITY, DURABILITY and FLEXIBILITY

ODOUR FREE no fumes, no dust with minimal filing required.

Stronger than Gel, more flexible than Acrylic

A one component Gel system means there is no need for Base, Builder or Gloss gels, allowing the technician to create perfect nails faster and easier than ever before

Available in 12 colours - for a Permanent Polished look, as well as Clear to create Natural Looking nails

and pink and white for the classic French Manicured finish.


Full set of French tipped acrygel nails : £30

Full set of Natural acrygel nails : £35

Acrygel Infill : £25

Removal of acrygel : £20

Gel polish :  £22

Gel polish toes : 18

Manicure £20

Manicure With Hand Massage £25

Manicure With French Polish £25

Manicure, Hand Massage and French Polish £35

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